Laugavegur, Reyjakvík 2015
Laugavegur, Reykjavík 2015

Laugavegur, Reykjavík 2015

At the moment I am enjoying the analogue process, shooting with film. It is not a matter of film or digital being of better quality than the other, but rather the process requires a different mindset to digital, especially shooting black and white film. With digital there is an option for colour, so I see in colour, but without the option of colour I see in shadows, and tones. Also with film photography there is a separation of days, sometimes weeks, between capture, and viewing the image. I like this separation, this delayed gratification, it allows me to cull, and edit long after the emotion of shooting has faded, and I can see the image for what it is, or is not.

When each frame costs around 80¢, the cost of shooting film is always in the back of my mind. This cost does cause me to think, “do I really want this shot?”. Quite often I set my composition, half press the shutter, and walk away without taking a photo. I have been averaging a roll of 24 frames a day; of those 24 frames I like about 1 in 4 photos. When I shoot digital I can shoot many more frames, but often my keep rate is closer to 1 in 10.

I often become concerned with my final output of this project, worried about what my viewers will think, and trying to shoot something that the viewer will like. For the last two years I have had briefs to shoot for, this was essential for formal study and I learned a great deal because of it, but now, in this moment, I am shooting just for me. I do wish to share my work with others, but I am not shooting for the viewer.

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  1. by Doug Spowart on January 11, 2015  8:12 am Reply

    Interesting read ---

  2. by John Elliott on January 11, 2015  9:13 am Reply

    Digital v Film......... yadayadayyaday..... just another means of collecting information. Like asking Leonardo de Vinci what sort of pencil he used. Useless information. Show me your pics and stop musing.

    They probably never mentioned this while you were studying....YOU HAVE TO REMOVE THIS FROM YOUR THINKING....."I often become concerned with my final output of this project, worried about what my viewers will think, and trying to shoot something that the viewer will like." They day you couldn't care less about what other people think of your work is the day you start making great work. Get on with it mate.

    • by Linsey Walker on January 11, 2015  8:18 pm Reply

      Direct, and to the point John. I appreciate that.

      You're very right, it doesn't matter what medium, or gear, is used, it's just what I prefer to work with.

      While I was studying I was very concerned about what my teachers thought of my work, it's how the system works, but as a result i hated a lot of my work. This is nothing against my teachers, they have to be able to justify why I deserved to pass, or not.

      I'll have more photos up soon, I've got 4 rolls waiting for developing as soon as the lab opens tomorrow.

  3. by Roger Skinner on January 11, 2015  10:14 am Reply

    Only one thing to take issue with and that is that film is NOT the opposite to digital, there it is incorrect to term it as analogue. Analogue is a signal type and is the opposite to digital, but only in terms of a signal transmission type. Fil is a medium and should more correctly be described as wet process or Type C or Gel silver or Ilfrochome or whatever. It is NOT analogue. Cheers and keep up the good work! Roger

    • by Linsey Walker on January 11, 2015  8:22 pm Reply

      Thanks Rodger. I have seen many people use analogue to mean the opposite of digital, it seems like a colloquial misuse of the word.

  4. by Ian Schirmer on January 14, 2015  10:19 am Reply

    Keep using film and your photo keep rate will get to 1 in 1.25. Digital allows the photographer to shoot by trial and error not good technique and good.

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